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7 Fruitful Practices for BAM and Church Planting

BAM companies are usually very diverse, each business with its own unique features. However, through research into real experiences of BAM and Church Planting, some shared commonalities emerged in the following fruitful practices: 1. Contact Make sure that the business provides regular contact with the focus people. Intentionally create a business that provides regular contact with those with […]

Why Integrate Business and Church Planting?

There are some good reasons to combine business and church planting. Indeed, combining the two did not just begin when missionaries could not find visas to live in closed countries. Instead, there has been a natural merging of business, church planting and the presentation of the gospel throughout church history. The apostle Paul himself was […]

BAM Job Opportunities in the Middle East and South East Asia

Job Opportunities IT Manager – Web Essentials in Cambodia Passionate about developing software and developing people? We are looking for an experienced Systems Engineer to fill the role of IT Manager in our Phnom Penh based team. You will play an integral role in designing, optimizing, and building the systems, processes, and standards for the […]

Making Sense of the World of Metrics

Measurement and metrics can be deceptively simple. We pick an aspect of our business and ask some basic questions about it, for example: How many tables did each of the servers take care of each day? How many sales calls did each of the sales staff make each day? What is the company’s net profit […]

Measuring the Impact and Performance of BAM: Intro to Metrics

Business as mission is hard. Very hard! Missionaries with little business experience but plenty of vision start businesses and struggle. Experienced business people start businesses in new countries or cultures and struggle. Too many business as mission (BAM) companies wander in the desert aimlessly. They need a compass to guide them—something to remind them of […]

Do Economic Incentives Matter? A Nosey Economist on BAM Financing

Interview with Dr. Steve Rundle Steve, I know you have been doing some interesting research on BAM in the last few years, can you briefly describe what you have been looking at? As an economist, I’ve always been interested in the relationship between the structure and governance of a company and its performance. Since the […]

7 Creative Ways Practitioners Integrate Business and Mission

We are launching a new series on the topic of ‘Integration of Mission and Business’. A defining characteristic of a BAM company is that it intentionally integrates mission with business. But what does that look like in practice? What are some creative ways that practitioners work out their goals for spiritual impact, alongside their commercial, […]

BAM Job Opportunities in the Middle East and Asia

Job Opportunity Managing Director – Training Company in the Middle East We offer a unique kind of vocational training in one of the leading commercial centers of the Middle East. The Managing Director – preferably female – will drive the process of repositioning the company in the local market, as the two business units: academy and corporate seminars take center stage […]