Transformational Ventures

-Equip, deploy, and support business professionals
We equip business professionals and their families to relocate and live a new culture, have better odds of business success, and be used by God to further His purposes.  Some services are provided directly by T-Ventures and our parent organization, WorldVenture.  Other services are provided by our strategic partners, who are leaders in their respective fields.

-Equip churches and their business people to engage in Business as Mission (BAM)
We help churches mobilize their business professionals to engage in BAM, integrated with the churches’ vision and mission. We help bridge the cultural gap between business/for-profit and church/non-profit, to promote productive working relationships, the freedom desired by business people, and the alignment desired by church leaders.

-Integrate business efforts with wider Kingdom work
We create understanding and collaboration between those in business and other change agents in their communities – such as anti-traffickers, pastors, and community developers.  In this way, we help maximize the impact of the businesses.