Partners Worldwide International Summit

October 18-19, 2018

Grand Rapids, USA


When it comes to ending poverty, we mean business.

Join a passionate group of businesspeople, change agents, and dynamic speakers for this two-day event that affirms and celebrates business as a calling to do God’s work.

Ethical business is a force for good and the most effective way to end global poverty.

Ending poverty may seem impossible. But the prophet Isaiah foretells this reality, and in fact, the world is closer than ever to ending extreme poverty for good. So let’s rally together and pursue with urgency a world where all can flourish!

The Partners Worldwide International Summit will feature keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and networking time with businesspeople and community leaders.

Whether you’re new to Partners Worldwide or a long-standing member of our network, this event is an engaging opportunity to learn more about our work and how you can join the movement to end poverty through business.