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Emerge Summit, June 2017

Colorado Springs

8-10 June, 2017

The Emerge Summit is an annual event held in Colorado Springs. Emerge has gathered hundreds of people to engage in reaching the least reached people of the world and have seen several successful businesses launched in the nations.


To incubate and advance business to reach the least reached.

  • Affirm and release your business calling
  • Unique, relationship-based, networking event
  • Challenge your thinking and expand your involvement
  • Facilitate & promote sustainable businesses, opportunities, jobs


  • Discover new ideas
  • Launch new ideas
  • Multiply new ideas


  • Globally-minded people focused on the least-reached
  • Inclusive to all ministries, businesses and leaders
  • Open-sourced with our information, knowledge & relationships
  • Input from others to create solutions
  • Committed to developing sincere relationship
  • Care for the poor and enslaved to develop life change rather than just encourage relief
  • Strategic in our thinking, planning and actions
  • Gospel-centeric in all things.