The past several decades there has been much emphasis on worldwide proclamation of the Gospel, but with mixed results in seeing lasting impact. While we are absolutely committed to making sure that everyone, everywhere hears the Gospel; this is just one vital part of the broader meaning of the Great Commission. Our focus is on communicating that the Great Commission is a comprehensive imperative which includes:

  • Taking the Gospel of Christ to every person everywhere
  • Discipling the nations
  • True and Lasting transformation
  • Reclaiming the Kingdom of God

We believe that is why mobilizing the marketplace is vital, it is the sphere of influence in society where all four of those aspects can work together to influence every other area of a culture, society, community, nation and ultimately, the world.

We Measure: A Quadruple Bottom Line

  • Economic Sustainability
  • Spiritual Impact
  • Societal Change
  • Environmental Stewardship