Business for Transformation: New Wineskins Pre-Conference

25 – 26 September 2019

North Carolina, USA

Business for Transformation (BAM to B4T Explained): A Pre-Conference Event of the Anglican’s New Wineskins Conference ‘Better Together’ 2019

Sponsored by Open B4T, Transformational SME and Team.

Long-Term Objective: Network Business as Mission Anglicans in BAM

Goal for the Pre-Conference Day: Discuss the practical and theological issues surrounding BAM involvement at the local church and mission levels.

●      How do we effectively reach nations where the Gospel has not taken root?

●      How do we not only bring the Good News of the Gospel to these nations, but also transform their communities and their lives?

●      How do we better engage the business community in missions?

During this pre-conference day we will explore how Business as Mission can offer answers to all of these questions. We believe that communities around the world, especially among the least-reached people, can experience long lasting and transformative change through receiving both the message of Jesus Christ and the tools to improve their own sustainability.