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 Business as Mission in Nigeria



Business has a God-given power and potential for good in the world. Yet too often Christian business people have not been affirmed in their call to business.

We want business men and women to understand God’s redemptive work through business in the world. We want to help change the message that Christian business people are hearing and mobilize them for action.

What if the untapped business resources in the church globally were released for missionary impact? What if more Christian business people were world-leaders at tackling global evils through business? The business as mission website is about connecting and resourcing businesses and business people to that end.


We are a network of global partners seeking to collaborate and share resources

Business As Missions (BAM) is a growing global business initiative, of like-minded Christian entrepreneurs who are providing cutting edge business opportunities from most practical areas in Agricultures, Manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology, Media, Training, Business Development and Consultancy, in most vulnerable communities in developing nations. Dr Jim Randall works with a global team of BAM practitioners as a consultant who is strategically placed in North America and Asia providing Leadership Training, Business Development and Strategic Planning. He is a master strategist and network expert, connecting with Christian business and funding globally.

Jim is based in the strategic city of Chiang Mai Thailand where he travels to over fifteen countries in Asia and now to Nigeria consulting with Leaders and providing unique opportunities to Christian entrepreneurs. BAM is registered in Nigeria to supervise the project activities of partnering agencies and connecting entrepreneurs with what is happening globally.

  1. Helps entrepreneurs create businesses that will reach the lost and support mission efforts.
  2. Training entrepreneurs to be more effective in business ventures.
  3. Empowers entrepreneurs to reach their customers with the gospel.
  4. Recruits and mentors young entrepreneurs to operate Business as Mission.
  5. Provides information leading to commitment to long term cross-cultural involvement to the unreached.
  6. Helps entrepreneurs find adequate funding for their business project.