Business as Mission Course

The BAM Course is is an initiative of BAM Training, a sister site to this BAM website.


The BAM Course is a one or two week modular training that lays a strong foundation for future business as mission involvement.

Module 1

23rd February – 2nd March

Module 1 is an intensive classroom based week with teaching from leaders in the BAM movement and practical workshops. The sessions focus on the biblical foundations for business, foundational BAM topics and a business development boot camp.

Module 2

3rd March – 9th March

Module 2 is a field trip to visit multiple business as mission companies, exposing you to BAM principles through real-life cases. Each field trip team visits one city or area in Southeast Asia.

Module 1: Three Unique Tracks
The Starters Track is for anyone who has already launched a company or hopes to in the near future. It is for people with a business idea they want to test out and are ready to get serious. It is also for those who are already running a business and who want to invest in their business know-how and practical business skills. Track topics will include: lean start up training, business planning, financial planning, product development, marketing, investor-readiness + more. The Starters Track will take you from business possibilities to business pitch in a week.

The Explorers Track is for experienced business professionals or missionaries that want to find out more about business as mission. Perhaps God has been stirring your heart for business as mission and you want to discover what that might mean and to understand BAM more deeply? Track topics will include: business as mission global overview, BAM models and approaches, finding my role, repurposing my skills, ‘what next’ coaching + more. The Explorers Track will take you from feeling inspired to feeling ready to take your next step into business as mission.


The Mentors Track is for those preparing to mentor, coach or lead others doing BAM. This track is for experienced business professional wanting to coach and consult to BAM practitioners. It is also for organizational or agency leaders responsible for overseeing BAM initiatives. Track topics will include: helping to evaluate a business idea, running a business health check, forming effective advisory boards, mentoring tips and tools, coaching case studies + more. The Mentors Track will take you from experienced leader to a being a BAMers best asset.


During Module 1 we will form BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAMS with a mix of people from all three tracks in each team. Each Business Development Team will form around a real business idea. STARTERS will have their business model or idea significantly accelerated through the process. EXPLORERS will discover more about the practice of BAM and get to pass on wisdom in their area of expertise. MENTORS will get firsthand experience of coaching and inputting into a business development process. Business Development Teams will meet on a regular basis to apply the things they are learning each day – and for the grand finale will pitch their business model to a panel of BAM experts for further input and coaching.