Event - BAM SA Conference

BAM South Africa Conference

September 3–5, 2018

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Unemployment and poverty remain at unacceptably high levels in South Africa. The responsibility to solve this challenge cannot be dumped at the doorstep of government or big business alone – the duty of care towards the poor is clearly and frequently mentioned in the Bible as the responsibility of those who follow Jesus.

How does the church make a difference?

  • Restoring hope to the poor and dependent through the empowering reality of relationship with God;
  • Understanding that poverty does not need to be part of society and God wants to remove it;
  • God has equipped his people wth wisdom and resources to do good works that meet with the poor to tenderly and steadfastly teach them how to escape the poverty trap;
  • Breaking poverty is a noble Kingdom cause – encouraged, blessed and rewarded by God.

Our goal is to partner with like minded people to create businesses, based on Biblical principles, that extract people out of poverty into capacity to look after their families and communities. Our model uses trainers, mentors, business developers and funders to set up new mirco businesses, while we partner in larger businesses to support this calling.