BAM Conference Europe

May 3-5, 2018

Bucharest, Romania

The Business as Mission Conference has been serving business people, academics, students, mission agencies and churches for the past 8 years in the USA. We are delighted to announce our inaugural BAM Conference Europe in May 2019.

We are motivated by the call to live for Christ and follow him in business. We have seen firsthand that companies can do incredible good, bringing spiritual, economic, social and environmental transformation to communities around the world. We understand the power of networking to inspire new initiatives for God’s glory and for his Kingdom. Come and join us in Bucharest in May!

Why attend the BAM Conference:

  • Develop your unique call to business
  • Hear the latest teaching from BAM leaders
  • Strengthen Biblical foundations for business as mission
  • Hear and see real case studies
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Learn how to create impact through business

The Business as Mission Conference is the largest BAM-focused event in the USA every year, now to be launched in Europe. ‘Business as Mission’ is our rallying cry, yet we are part of a larger move of God calling his people to do Kingdom Business or Business for Transformation. We gather people together from many backgrounds and experiences to encourage them and enable them to take the next step in missional business. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to engage with others and explore more of what God is doing around the world through business.