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General Resource Sites

Websites with a broad range of freely available materials and resources.


Business as Mission Network

News, resources and tools to turn good business into great ministry. The Business as Mission Network is a blog, email magazine and resource library, with an affiliated online community based on linkedin dedicated to kingdom business news and discussion.

Center for Integrity in Business

Guided by faithful scholarship and theological reflection, the CIB at Seattle Pacific University creates tools, resources, and networks to empower business people to lead with integrity and to shape a more just and sustainable world. 


Regent Center for Entrepreneurship

The Regent Center has four key areas of focus: research, dissemination, equipping and facilitating - which contribute towards their mission of 'Transforming People and Nations through Business'.  They have a blog and e-newsletter plus resource pages for case studies, recommended reading, literature reviews and more.


Chinese BAM

This is a Chinese web site which contains Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions of the BAM Lausanne Occasional Paper #59 and over 30 articles about BAM.


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Business to Business Networks

Includes organisations and networks with resources primarily for business people:  to connect with others, contribute skills or find opportunities and resources.


BAMmatch provides matching services to those looking to be recruited or use their skills in business as mission together with jobs and opportunities to get involved. Opportunities range from short to long-term and include coaching trips, internships and full-time positions. Organisations and companies can join the service for a small fee in order to list their vacancies and opportunities. Individuals can join the service for free to register their profile and search for opportunities. is a service of Transformational Ventures and also hosts Forums and Interest Groups to serve the BAM community.  Read flyer or Watch Clip


Five Talents

Five Talents 'Business as Mission Program' provides opportunities for business professionals to use their God-given skills and talents to assist poor entrepreneurs in developing countries by providing business training and one-on-one business counseling. The Program coordinates short-term mission trips for professionals.


Global CEO Network - EC Group International

A network formed of CEO's across North America, Asia and the Middle East engaged in Global Kingdom-Minded Business. The purpose of the network is to support businesses to be successful overseas from an operational and ministry perspective. Host regular events for CEO's. Work in strategic partnership with the Business as Mission Network and recruiting agencies Rightnow and The Finishers Project to help people connect with opportunities.


International Assistance Program

Links together Christian business and professional people with projects in "under resourced" nations. This network uses it business capabilities and professional skills to address economic and humanitarian challenges, including helping to start businesses.


OPEN Network

The Overseas Professional Employee Network serves and equips professionals working overseas and business as mission workers. Hosts a practitioner network with coaching and services delivered through trusted relationships - both virtually through online forums and resource areas and at peer driven meetings called Huddles. Also host OPEN Expos where business people can get exposure to business as mission projects and contribute their skills.


Partners Worldwide

Partners encourage, equip and connect business and professional people in global partnerships that grow enterprises and create sustainable jobs. They facilitate long term business to business partnerships, mentoring opportunities, overseas trips and internships. They provide online training materials and run regular events.



With the tagline Repurposing Business - Transforming Societies, Rep mobilizes teams of business people to go and consult with mid-size businesses around the world to help them become re-purposed,  so that they are aligned with God’s agenda of extending His kingdom and transforming societies around them.  Also facilitates business owners to 're-purpose' their own business.


Transformational Business Network

TBN is a UK based network of business people and corporate organisations that uses an enterprise approach to tackle global poverty. TBN supports commercially sustainable small-medium-size enterprises in developing countries.  Get involved by attending regular events,  joining a group of like-minded people that partner with businesses and projects overseas or taking by going on an 'Expo Trip'. See also the TBN Business Project Portal.


World Partners

World Partners fosters partnerships between Christian entrepreneurs globally to stimulate entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Opportunities to mentor, invest and donate to business projects internationally.


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Mission organisations and networks

Includes a selection of established agencies with a business as mission focus or entity, plus specialist business as mission and 'tentmaker' agencies.


Christian Missionary Fellowship International

CMF Marketplace Ministries arm helps mobilize business professionals to the world’s marketplaces where there is no witness.


Church Missionary Society

CMS supports business as mission as a strategy and CMS Africa faciliates the BAM Africa network.



Frontiers has been pioneering for-profit business strategies to share the love of Christ in the muslim world.


Global Disciples Network

The Global Access track has the specific aim to mobilize church planters through business.


Global Opportunities

Empowering tentmakers to reach the world. GO has free resources and training available on it's site, plus tentmaking stories, news and events.



Interserve has pioneered in the area of business as mission, placing professionals and starting enterprises in the Arab World and Asia.


OMF International

Missional business, reaching people for Christ through businesses centered in a mission purpose, is a developing strategy of OMF International.


Operation Mobilisation

Supporting business people to bring about spiritual, social, economic and environmental transformation, using their skills in the heart of a community.



Pioneers emphasizes non-traditional missionary methods, including business strategies, to meet spiritual and practical needs in communities.


SIM (Serving in Mission)

SIM helps those with business and professional skills get involved in mission through their business ministry opportunities.


World Horizons

Enables pioneering and creative mission, including an emphasis on business as mission.


WorldVenture / Transformational Ventures

WorldVenture has a business as mission arm called Transformational Ventures which has a focus on connecting business people with opportunities to serve.


YWAM (Youth With A Mission)

You are here! YWAM has embraced business as mission as an avenue for missionary service. In addition, our Business as Mission Resource Centre seeks to serve the broader movement by providing resources and training. Read more about us.


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Business Incubation and Funding

Organisations that focus on business incubation. See also Business to Business links above, many provide mentoring, training and funds to develop businesses.


SME sector and larger


BPN Foundation

Facilitates the development of small and medium size enterprises in developing countries through loans, training, coaching and thei formation of Business Associations.

Faith Partners

Social enterprise incubator started in Indonesia and  dedicated to help communities of  overcome poverty through establishing self-sustaining small and medium businesses leading to positive social changes.



Provides training and loans for aspiring entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Integra seeks to instill a 'business as mission' philosophy in their SME clients, helping them see their business as transformational.


Kingdom Venture Partners

A venture capital firm that invests in kingdom companies.


Selected microenterprise organisations


Hope International






Other support services


Global Hand

Redistributes gifts in kind and donates inventory to business start ups that are focused on creating jobs for the poor.


Trade as One

Focused on creating a sustainable route to market for sustainable businesses that break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world.


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Education and Training

Training courses and institutions.


Introduction to Business as Mission Course

iBAM Course - preparing individuals and teams for successful business as mission initiatives. Offered by us, visit our training pages.


Universities and Institutions with Business as Mission focus

Refer to this helpful list at the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship site.


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Blogs, News Feeds and Newsletters


Organisation Blogs and News


Business as Mission e.zine

Quarterly magazine for the Business as Mission movement.


Business as Mission Network

Subscribe to Business as Mission Magazine and RSS Feeds from the BAM Blog. 


Five Talents

Fight Poverty with Five Talents Blog - fight poverty, create jobs, transform lives.


Ministry Platforms

Blog from Olive Technology, a BAM company, on engaging the world from where we stand, including through business as mission.


Regent Center for Entrepreneurship

Kingdom Business Blog - transforming people and nations through business.


Transforming Business

Posts on 'Enterprise Solutions to Poverty' - sign up for occasional articles and news.



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Related Fields

Selected resource sites in related fields to business as mission.

Social enterprise and corporate social responsibility



CSRwire is a leading source of corporate social responsibility news, reports, events and information.


Social Enterprise Alliance

A network dedicated to building a robust social enterprise field.


Social Venture Network

Supporting a diverse community of leaders who can effect positive social change through business.


Transforming Business

A research and development project based at the University of Cambridge, exploring enterprise solutions to poverty.



Microenterprise and microfinance


Wholistic Transformation Resource Centre

General resources on Christian micro-enterprise development.


Microfinance Gateway

A comprehensive online resource for the microfinance community.



Holistic mission and development


Micah Challenge International

Micah Challenge is a global coalition of Christians and a global campaign to mobilise Christians against poverty.


Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

The aim of OCMS is advancing holistic mission through scholarly engagement.


Tearfund International Learning Zone

A wide range of online resources on development issues from a Christian perspective.



Workplace ministries


International Coalition of Workplace Ministries

ICWM is a clearing house of information for the workplace ministry movement and includes the online International Faith & Work Directory.


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