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What are the Advantages of Doing BAM in the Hospitality Industry?

In the first half of 2017, we will periodically run short series looking at BAM companies in different industries. We start with business as mission in the hospitality industry, sharing insights and stories from experienced company owners. We asked BAM owners in the hospitality industry: What are the advantages of being in the hospitality industry when […]

Three Stories: How BAM Goals and People Goals Fit Together

We asked company leaders to share how their goals as a BAM company fit with their goals for their people, and how that influenced their business planning and development. Three BAM practitioners share from very different industries on how their strategy for their staff connects with their overall strategy to be a Kingdom-focused company. IT […]

Cash Flow Mishaps: Stories from BAM Practitioners

We asked BAM practitioners to share their insights about cash flow. Here are 6 mini-stories of BAMer ‘cash flow mishaps’ or near misses! [Read Part 1: 10 Cash Flow Tips and 10 Red Flags from BAM Practitioners] 6 Cash Flow Stories One cash flow mishap we’ve experienced is significantly underestimating cash needs to service a […]