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Hyma Brings Shalom

by Ellie Hutchison Her hand moves rhythmically, hovering in constant motion above the red earth. She draws in rice flour. A trail of white left in her wake, forming geometric swirls, arches, circles, and loops. Her kolam is elaborate, yet simple. Beautiful, but precise. Each morning, millions of women in India rise and draw kolams […]

Business and Shalom

by Roxanne Addink de Graaf Business and Shalom are seldom seen in the same sentence. Shalom is a word more often heard in church than in the marketplace. However, just coming from a visit with entrepreneurs in Liberia, I’m more convinced than ever of the vital role of business in bringing about true shalom, the […]

Breaking Down the Sacred-Secular Divide

by Mike Baer Adapted from material first published on the Third Path Blog, as part of a series, reposted with kind permission. What is the Sacred-Secular Divide? You don’t have to go very far today to hear some reference to the ‘sacred-secular divide’ or the ‘sacred-secular dichotomy.’ It’s in all the books, blogs, conferences – and occasionally […]

Beliefs on Wealth Creation

by The Lausanne Movement and BAM Global Wealth Creation is Rooted in God The Bible makes a bold claim, namely, that wealth creation is rooted in God the creator. He is the ultimate source of all wealth. Genesis 1:1 declares, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ And Genesis 2:1 notes that […]