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Ask a BAM Mentor: Dealing with Corruption

Twice a month, our panel of mentors answer your practical business questions. Send us your questions! Dear BAM Mentor, My customs broker tells me I have to give a gift to the customs officials to get our materials out of customs. He said it’s standard, no big deal. I asked the pastor at our local church […]

Business as Mission: Where social impact and profit, and much more, converge

Post first published on the IBEC Ventures Blog, reposted with kind permission. Some people find it confusing to read about socially conscious business, social entrepreneurship or values-driven business. Isn’t business just business – driven by profit margins acceptable to shareholders? What’s all this talk of values, social impact and community development? For the past decade […]

Lessons from the Edge: Inspired by Quality Coffee

Insights from a BAM Practitioner ‘Ben’ has spent a decade and more of his life in the specialty coffee industry. He has an unwavering passion for quality in coffee that has grown into a pursuit of quality in all aspects of his life – in business, in mission, and in relationships. The quality of relationships in the […]

Questions for Business Building

What are the most important questions to ask myself when evaluating a business opportunity? When I first heard this question my reflex response from 30 years experience of running a business was… When will I get my investment back, what is the percentage return on investment and what is the risk?! My more considered response is to […]

Considering the Business Opportunity

What are the most important questions to ask myself when evaluating a business opportunity? Probably the most important aspect of pursuing a business opportunity is to first determine whether you are the right person for the job. I would recommend you do a personal assessment (be honest with yourself, there’s a lot at stake here), […]

Business as Mission: A Three-fold Mandate

by Mats Tunehag Business is more than making money, at least it should be. According to the “father of capitalism” Adam Smith, businesses exist to serve the general welfare. The computer pioneer Dave Packard said: ”Many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists simply to make money. While this is an important result of a […]

Assessing the Viability of a Great Commission Company

by Steve Rundle and Tom Steffen The following are just a few of the questions that should be asked when assessing the viability of a Great Commission Company (GCC). Economic Viability Is there a clear statement of the purpose and goals for the company? Does the management team have the appropriate experience and training? Can […]

BAM in a Box?

by Mats Tunehag One can identify 3 essential activities that have helped to catalyze and grow the global Business as Mission (BAM) movement: 1. Developing the concept 2. Spreading the concept and 3. Applying the concept. Of course one cannot credit just one book, event, person or organization with the current interest in Business as Mission […]