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Ask a BAM Mentor: Should I Shut My Business?

Once a month, our panel of mentors answer your practical business questions. Send us your questions!   Dear BAM Mentor, Should I shut my business down if I’m not seeing spiritual fruit? ~ In Two Minds Dear In Two Minds, I think this is far too simplistic a question. The most obvious oversimplification is “not seeing spiritual fruit”. This begs at […]

Lessons from the Edge: Human Resources

Insights from a BAM Practitioner ‘Julia’ has been a business owner in Mongolia for 12 years. Investing in people is challenging, but worth it My husband likes to quote his habitat for humanity friend on this: “It is easy to build houses and so hard to build people”. Houses stay put where you build them […]

5 Key Positions in Your Start Up and Some Things to Avoid

by Mike Baer Adapted from material first published on the Third Path Blog, here and here, reposted with kind permission.   I’ve consulted with a lot of business startups – usually after they’ve stalled or run into trouble. The problem in almost every case I have seen is not funding. It’s people. Not having the right […]

Ask a BAM Mentor: Equal Pay

Once a month, our panel of mentors answer your practical business questions. Send us your questions!   Dear BAM Mentor, Have you got any advice for me concerning HR issues that involve a clash of cultural or Biblical values? I want to pay my workers equally for doing the same job and in Nepal where I […]

Stop Helping Us! Moving Beyond Charity to Job Creation

by Peter Greer Excerpts from eBook ‘Stop Helping Us!’ reproduced with kind permission from the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics and Peter Greer. Buy eBook. Stop Helping Us! introduces a new paradigm for an evangelical response to poverty alleviation. Being effective means recognizing that there is a difference between short-term aid, which is important and […]

Lessons from the Edge: Fighting Poverty Through Business

Insights from a BAM Practitioner Brian Albright has been involved in international development and business (in agriculture and health care) in East Africa since 2004. He currently teaches Business as Mission and Social Entrepreneurship at Hope International University in Fullerton, California, USA. Invest in your key relationships and stay teachable I’ve been blessed to partner with […]

Business as Mission and the End of Poverty

Adapted and excerpted from the BAM Global Think Tank report on BAM at the Base of the Pyramid. The Call to Poverty Alleviation Through Business Business has a role in alleviating poverty. Christians in business have a unique opportunity, and responsibility, to address the suffering and injustice of the 2.5 billion people who live on less than US$2.50 […]