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Integrating Spiritual Impact Through Company Values

Once a month, our panel of mentors answer your practical business questions. Send us your questions!   Dear BAM Mentor, How and when do I go about my spiritual impact plan? Do I write this at the same time as my business plan? Any practical advice about writing an integrated plan? ~ Perplexed Planner Dear Perplexed, Unless […]

5 Stages of the Birth of a New BAM Company

by Peter Shaukat Peter Shaukat, CEO of Transformational SME (TSME), identifies five stages in the emergence of a new business as mission company. Each stage, from conception to launch, involves the integration of missional and commercial elements. Preparation Stage This is before the ‘baby is born’, the preparation that has taken place even before the […]

Seven Keys to Finding Hidden IT Aptitude in Developing Countries

by David Stone I think there are seven keys to finding the right people with an aptitude for IT in an underdeveloped country:           Keep relationships primary           Share your motivation           Develop a very close Friend           Be a close friend to Christian expats and their NGOs           Know the owners of other local […]