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Business As Mission Resource Team Internship – Thailand and Cambodia

Six month contract (April 2018 to September 2018) working for the Business as Mission Resource Team on 2 key projects: BAM Summer and BAM Conference 2018. Responsibilities include communications, logistics, internship oversight for BAM Summer students. Time will be spent working from Chiang Mai, Thailand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Requirements: College Graduate, with minimum 3-5 years working experience, ability to multitask on a variety of projects, engaging with numbers and systems, lead and manage people, and the ability to work independently and with a team. Stipend and benefits negotiable.

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Director – Sinapis Academy in Kenya

Sinapis’ mission is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship.

Sinapis is looking for a leader who will manage the global expansion of the 16 – week Sinapis Academy for entrepreneurs and manage our East Africa operations. The Sinapis Academy. Sinapis partners with local organizations to deliver the Sinapis Academy, an intensive 16 – week business training program similar to a mini – MBA but customized for early and growth – stage ventures. This intensive entrepreneurship training program is extremely practical, locally customized and specifically designed for entrepreneurs at different stages of business growth. The program equips business owners with the necessary skills to grow their businesses along with Christian business principles t o instill a high er purpose for their businesses and give them courage to triumph over ethical challenges in the marketplace.

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Various Positions – Web Essentials in Cambodia

Passionate about developing software and developing people? We are looking for experienced professionals to join our Cambodia and Switzerland based team. Web Essentials is an innovative, web development agency providing high quality services to international customers. Founded on Open Source and Christian values, we partner with clients to build quality digital experiences while building further capacity and opportunities for young Cambodians. We are pioneering fair trade software development – delivering excellent quality and social impact. We are looking for like-minded people to come onboard our mission. We know you will build life-long friendships and be a part of a rewarding vision to build up people to live out their God-given capacity within a fun and challenging environment.

HR/Admin Manager: Provides leadership and direction to the HR and Admin Team ensuring the most appropriate HR policies, procedures and support are in place to assist Web Essentials meet its strategic objectives. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Download PDF | Link to job description

Senior Mobile Application Developer: The Short Term Contract/Senior Mobile Application Developer, as part of the Scrum Team, is responsible for designing, developing and testing technical solutions and contributing to the team delivering a quality product that meets the clients’ requirements. They will also act as a mentor within the team. Short term contract, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Link to job description

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Various Positions – Garment Manufacturing Company

Opportunity to join a brand-new freedom business start-up in South Asia. Ethically producing a capsule collection of women’s garments. Prior experience in accounting, marketing, fashion design, or patternmaking preferred but not required. Requirements: College graduate with minimum 2 years work experience. Sense of adventure and willingness to take initiative a must. Minimum commitment 6 months; support based. 

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Various Positions – IT Company in North India

Envision yourself as part of a team built on the foundation of servant leadership, where we intentionally support each other in growth as individuals and a company. Since 2001, we have been working in India providing businesses in the West affordable and quality IT resources to keep their companies growing, while creating local jobs that build team direction and personal growth.  We’d love for you to bring your skills and leadership to our team, accelerating our growth so that we can impact more lives globally.

Business Development “Hunter”: Acts as the lungs of our business, working strategically to qualify and turn prospects into long term clients. This person works from their home office (or co-working space) closing deals that will be delivered by our software teams in India. Download job description| Apply Online

Account Manager “Farmer” in India: Grows trustful relationship with our clients in order to create multi-project, mutually fruitful relationships. Focuses on staging the projects and coaching the delivery team toward success in our offices in India. Download job description | Apply Online

Technologist in India: Works closely with our development and testing teams in India to encourage continuous learning and quality products via strategic processes. Download job description | Apply Online

College Student Intern in India: Soaks up an immersive multicultural experience along with the most practical real-life education on the market—all while creating value and becoming an integral part of our team. Download job description | Apply Online

Gap Year Internship in India: Acts as a Jack-of-all-Trades by flexibly taking on different responsibilities and projects throughout the entire company, providing real value while also gaining multicultural experience in the many different components of business. Download job description | Apply Online

General Manager – Manufacturing Company in South Asia

A challenging and exciting opportunity exists for a dynamic General Manager to lead a fast-growing and creative manufacturing operation in South Asia. The company, which currently employs 130 people, serves customers in Europe and America. The General Manager will possess strong leadership skills and be responsible for all of the day-to-day business in two rural locations. They will focus on shaping the local leadership team of Managers to help realize their potential. The role is has a fixed term contract for 2-5 years with a good local salary, plus benefits.

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Property Manager – Tourism Company in Southeast Asia

It all started with a vision to reach tribal groups of a nation in Southeast Asia. This geo-tourism company was launched in 2003 and has grown to 2 resorts with over 100 employees. Under the supervision of the Operations Manager, the Property Manager is responsible for this unique property. He/she will develop the staff and departments to ensure the vision and mission of the company is fulfilled. The qualified candidate will have a heart for hospitality, be fluent in English and willing to learn the local language. He/she will be able to develop and implement systems and processes to improve effectiveness and have a basic understanding of project management principles. The salary is commensurate with experience.

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Marketing and Training Positions – Fashion Company in Southeast Asia

An award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in a nation in Southeast Asia works with artisan families in rural areas where they create batik textiles on natural fibers. Today, more than 50 artisans have worked with the company to gain a fair and sustainable income and marketable skills. The seamstresses set their own wage and hours. The vision is to empower hundreds of artisans by offering a fair and sustainable income producing beautiful, high quality fashion and gifts. These are short or long-term volunteer positions:

1. Marketer: The company would like help to develop and grow their social media presence on multiple outlets and build their digital marketing abilities. Potential goals for a Marketer would include developing partnerships/collaborations with online influencers as well as targeted ads on Facebook and Google.

2. Trainer: Additionally, the company is seeking someone to help their seamstresses grow in skills at the training center by teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced sewing techniques. Potential goals for the Trainer would include designing new products while incorporating eco-friendly dyed fabric and helping create new and hot product offerings for the gift and /or fashion industry. The prospective Trainer would help improve product design so the women can learn to innovate better in the future; broadening the product lines to increase demand.

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Interim Director – Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia

An agricultural business focusing on pig and fish production, making feed, and crop promotion is facing a major transition as the current director leaves and a new family arrives. They are seeking an interim director to assist with the hand over who is able to be in-country for 6 months or more beginning in December 2017 or January 2018. The qualified individual or couple should have experience in management. Mostly they are looking for someone with a heart to serve and a desire to reach the lost. This is a short-term, volunteer position.

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Business Manager – Animal Feed Company in East Asia

An animal feed company in East Asia, near a border with Central Asia, is using North American nutritional technology to make good quality animal feed for local farmers. They specialize in beef, dairy, sheep and chicken feed that is completely free of hormones and animal by-products. The company has 13 full-time local staff who are hard-working, reliable and committed to the company’s vision. The company is seeking a Manager who would track purchasing and sales, be responsible for administrative and lab staff, as well as financial management. Additionally, he/she would assist the CEO with goal setting and strategic planning. The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field of study, a desire to serve in the region and the ability to live and thrive in a difficult place. Some remuneration is offered.

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Marketing/Sales Position and Internships – Furniture Company in East Asia

This business is focused on home furnishing and home décor industry. They produce and source modern furniture made from reclaimed wood as well as one-of-a-kind antique furniture and accessories. The company sells both wholesale (primarily in the US), as well as direct to consumers both online and through various retail shows. They are seeking a Marketing & Sales person with expertise in marketing strategy, e-commerce marketing strategy, social media marketing, as well as graphic design, wholesale market channels and sales management. Additionally, the company is willing to bring on general business management interns to come for 3 months to 2 years and help with various aspects of the business. Interns will study language for 10 hours/week and then work in the company for the rest of the time.

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Trip Facilitator – Tourism Company in Southeast Asia

This company was established 14 years ago with a vision to reach the sea tribes of the region and employs over 100 employees. The Trip Facilitator would work to create unforgettable experiences for the resorts’ guests. He/she will create and improve existing programs and work with the leadership team to develop program schedule and activities. The qualified candidate will understand markets and service philosophy, should be outgoing and athletic, and be fluent in the local language and English. A background in education is helpful. This is a paid, long-term position.

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Various Positions – Khalibre in Cambodia

Khalibre is a social enterprise delivering business technology solutions, social collaboration and learning for large organizations globally. We are looking for Cambodian IT graduates and students. We are also looking for international consultants with software architecture / engineering, JAVA, digital marketing, product management, UX/UI, agile project management and instructional design skills to join our International team. If you have a desire to “be the change you want to see in the world”, then drop us a line and let’s see where the conversation takes us!

Learning and Communication Copy Editor: We are looking for a copy editor who wants to help publish learning and communication content that empowers and inspires the global Church toward missions as well as for commercial businesses. This person ensures consistency and authenticity of the original author with every copy, but their greatest passion is for quality. The content editor role requires excellent communication skills, writing ability, principled content strategy, well-honed judgment, and a bias toward standards. Link to Job Description

Senior Java Developer: As a Senior Java Developer you will have a high level of knowledge and experience with a broad range of Java technologies and techniques and excellent working knowledge in Spring and Hibernate.  You are someone who is recognized by your peers and your supervisor for being a valuable team member and someone who is helpful and supportive of others in the team, as well as being focused on achieving success in your tasks and projects. Link to Job Description

Senior UX/UI Designer: Guided by business objectives, user needs, UX principles, and industry best practices; the Sr. UX/UI Designer designs digital experiences that solve problems for our clients and their users. This role requires a creative, motivated individual who understands the importance of putting the user first. You’ll shepherd design projects from ideation to launch, and be responsible for executing typical design deliverables, such as site maps, user flows, wireframes, visual designs and interactive prototypes. Link to Job Descripton

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Various Positions – Software Development Company in Vietnam

We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire for various positions to join our growing team. We are looking for people who can also take an active role in discipling our staff and interns. Previous work experience is important but we are open to training and working with individuals if we feel that they have the right heart and personality fit for our company.

Project Manager: Will help us plan, schedule and control all project activities to ensure project requirements are met, and provide leadership while building positive professional relationships with clients and team members.  Link to job description

Account Manager: Maintains and expands client relationship by ensuring projects are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. This position is also responsible for building strategic account plans and making sure these account objectives are met. Link to job description

Technology Director: Establishes a technical vision for the development team and works with developers to turn it into reality. This person is also responsible for building strategic client relationships and ensuring project are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. Link to job description

Senior Developer: This position maintains and expands client relationship by ensuring projects are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. This position is also responsible for building strategic account plans and making sure these account objectives are met. We are looking for someone who has either Ruby on Rails, Java, C#, Nodejs or PHP experience. Link to job description

Digital Marketing Writer: Is a part of our digital marketing team. This person will be responsible for creating unique text content for our clients as well as editing existing content provided by clients. This person will work closely with other members of Digital Marketing team. Link to job description

English Teacher / University Coordinator: Maintains and expands our relationships with several of the local IT universities by providing English classes and managing our internship program. This person will be critical in mentoring and building up the dozen or so interns we host throughout the school year and has a great opportunity to have a profound impact on the student’s lives. Link to job description


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Every Man is as Lazy as He Dares to Be

by Patrick Lai

Every man is as lazy as he dares to be.  – Emerson

Emerson had it right. People do not do what is expected; we do what is inspected. Phil Parshall, after forty years of serving among Muslims, said to me, “I have my doubts about tentmaking … most tentmakers I know start out doing business and ministry, but in the end it is all business and no ministry.”

Everyone receives gratification from accomplishing tasks. Whether we are building a bridge or cleaning out the garage, we enjoy seeing the fruits of our labors. Productivity makes us feel good. It gives us value and a sense of worth. Those people groups which are still without a church in the 21st century are unreached for a reason – they are difficult to reach! Missionary work among these peoples has produced precious little fruit. Tentmakers, by definition have two tasks to do. If one task is producing fruit and the other is not, it is easy to gravitate toward the more productive, fruitful task. Therefore, it is important that every tentmaker is under some structure or relationship which provides the needed accountability to keep us growing and active in fulfilling both of our callings.
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Inviting Others To Not Be Sheepish

by Patrick Lai

John Piper writes, “For much of my Christian life I have had a one-sided view of “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). I assumed that the verse meant only that when hard news or rebuke needed to be brought, it should be done with tenderness and sensitivity. I was wrong. Not totally wrong. I understood correctly the verb and the love: that hard news and rebuke should always be brought with appropriate sobriety, humility, and never with arrogance and harshness. But I neglected to focus on the other part of Paul’s phrase: the noun and “the truth.”

Just two verses prior to that the Apostle Paul clarifies that the goal of building up the body of Christ is to attain to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God. So the “building up” begins with people who are agents of truth. As we work together we need to look for opportunities to speak the truth in love to one another. This is how we serve and protect one another in Christ. This is how we build up one another and build unity and teamwork in our lives and work. This is how God gives grace to others through us. And as Paul summarizes in verse 4:29 this what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Good accountability requires feedback. Yet honest feedback is hard to come by. To become more effective and fulfilled – more Christ-like – in our life and work, each of us needs a keen understanding of what other’s think and perceive of us. Direct feedback is the most efficient way for us to gather this information on ourselves and grow from it.

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Business as Mission: An Expression of Biblical Integrity

by Mike Baer

The word “integrity” has been bandied about so much over the last decade or so that it has practically become meaningless. Politicians are described in their self-serving advertisements as men or women of “integrity.” We like the word. It’s right up there with “tolerant”—another empty term. In fact, who could argue with someone who was tolerant and had integrity. He or she would be a postmodern super hero.

Unfortunately, we don’t think about words much any more. We don’t dwell on what they mean. As a result, we lose the richness and power of a great concept. So, in this article, I want to spend a few moments unpacking two dimensions of integrity, especially in the context of Business as Mission.

Integrity and Ethics

When I first began teaching business in the Former Soviet Union twenty years ago, the first hurdle I had to overcome was establishing that business was legitimate in the first place. Most people viewed business as inherently corrupt and dishonest. Today’s America has very much the same opinion. And why not? We hear constant news flashes of another scandal in Apple’s China factory or fraud in CitiGroup’s financial products or theft on Wall Street, or…ad nauseum.  It is erroneous to confuse business with the business person. The person is corrupt but business is not. Nevertheless, few think that deeply and so they condemn all things business as dark, greedy and devilish.

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Is Business As Mission Disruptive Innovation?

by Larry Sharp

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances. The term was defined and phenomenon analyzed by Clayton M. Christensen beginning in 1995.1

BAM takes into consideration, the human condition of poverty and pain (both spiritual and physical) with the creation of a profitable business which creates jobs, which in turn creates wealth (a Biblical value stated in Deut. 8:18). It links that with the goal of making followers of Jesus and with the importance of wise use of human and natural resources. In summary, Business as Mission (BAM) at its core has a Quadruple Bottom Line: 1) Profit and Sustainability, 2) Job Creation, 3) Followers of Jesus, 4) Stewardship of Resources.

So how might this be innovative and how might it be disruptive?

First look at some well-known disruptive innovators. Jeff Bezos did not just improve book sales when he started Amazon. He disrupted everything – speedy book deliveries, then other products to become the world’s largest online shopping retailer. His latest disruptive talk: drones and space warehouses. His mantra, “if you are going to invent, you are going to disrupt.”

Looking back a few decades, some of us can remember the advent of the transistor radio. People first thought of them as Japanese junk, with poor quality, but they were portable and teenagers could take them to the beach easily. Gradually the sound improved and the product totally disrupted and made redundant the old cabinet radios.

I remember when a visitor showed up at our school in Brazil in the early 1970s with a portable calculator. Our bookkeeper was using a manual adding machine which did the job but was big, clumsy and noisy. I took the leap of faith and asked to purchase this calculator from the visitor before he left the country. I paid $180.00 for what today can be bought in Wal-Mart for $5.99. Portable calculators were disruptive because they did not just improve on existing technology, they disrupted it by introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility and eventually affordability.

Perhaps one of the biggest examples of disruptive innovation is the development of the personal computer, when the big main frames ruled the day in the 1960s-70s. Even the chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson is famously quoted: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” But the personal computer formed a niche market that appeared unattractive and inconsequential at first but eventually the new product completely redefined the computing industry.

Mobile phones – the same story. The idea is that the historic technology and industry concentrates on improving their product while the innovative disruptors focus on the bottom end of the market tapping into new customers with new and different needs. They create new demand and find overlooked customers. Think Blockbuster and Netflix.

Back to the question: Is Business as Mission disruptive innovation? BAM spokesperson Mats Tunehag likens Kingdom Business today to a 21st century reformation. The Protestant Reformation was disruptive in that it focused Jesus followers on simpler easier forms of faith – reading their own scriptures, the priesthood of individual believers and faith over works as the way of salvation, among other things.

So perhaps BAM is disruptive in the following ways:

Business is returned to its rightful place as the only institution which creates wealth in society; it is not government, nor education, nor health care and not the church. All of these, as good and important as they are, consume wealth. Business creates it. And it is ordained by God.2

Business is the modern means ordained by God to address the issue of poverty. It creates wealth through job creation and gives dignity, honor and empowerment to individuals, families and communities. Jesus gave the Great Commandment requiring believers to love God and love their neighbor. Today loving our neighbor is creating a job for him/her and this becomes the modern equivalent of feeding the five thousand, or healing the leper. BAM is what Jesus would do today.3

Business and faith are easily integrated. Business leaders are together with people many hours each week so the principles of faith can be lived out in the marketplace of life. In most cultures, people learn by observing and doing and when it comes to knowing Jesus, one learns by observing a Jesus follower living and acting like Jesus in every life. Dale Losch in his book A Better Way, talks about living and loving like Jesus.

Whereas most of the 20th century became accustomed to outsourcing missional work to the professional clergy, Business as Mission is a reformation. It is the work of all believers in the workplace, not just the clergy, or those paid to be missional with their faith.

BAM is innovative in that it is cost effective. It does not require an endless infusion of charity monies which often become toxic by creating dependency and destabilization. It addresses issues of declining mission funding, and “America first” perspective.

Today Business as Mission and related means such as Tentmaking4 are disrupting the market. They have the potential (as the little guy at the bottom of the market) to replace the multi trillion dollar aid industry, and make the traditional mission professional mission groups redundant in much of the world.

Business as Mission is making the product (Quadruple Bottom Line) simple, accessible, convenient and affordable. It is not just improving on what has been done in the past; it is disrupting things in modern times by returning to an old order of “faith without works is dead”, creating wealth and promoting dignified sustainability. In one sense it is an ancient idea; but because it has been largely lost, it may be considered innovative, and certainly disruptive.


1   – See more at:

2 Deut.8:18 “But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.”


4 Tentmaking is mission done in accordance with the model of the apostle Paul. He was a tentmaker by profession, and made a living through his work when he was on his mission journeys (Acts 18:3, 1 Cor 9). Today the ‘tentmaking’ label is used to describe everyone who seeks to serve God in other cultures through his or her profession. It includes business people, professionals, and students bringing the “Good News” onwards to new places.


Larry Sharp is the Founder and current Director of Strategic Training and Partnerships of a Business for Transformation (BAM, B4t) consulting firm, International Business and Education Consultants ( Larry served 21 years in Brazil and then 20 years as Crossworld VP of Operations and as Vice President of Business Partnerships. He is currently a VP Emeritus and consultant with Crossworld. Since 2007 he has devoted energies toward Business as Mission (BAM) and currently is a consultant on BAM and education themes. Larry travels within North America speaking and teaching in conferences, colleges and churches on themes related to Business As Mission (BAM, B4t) and missions.  His travels abroad relate to BAM, crisis preparation and management, and team building. 



Are You Really a Second-Class Christian?

By Dave Kahle

For much of my Christian life, I’ve struggled with a difficult and painful image of myself: I was a second-class Christian. No one ever said that to me in so many words, but a certain belief permeates our Christian culture so deeply that few Christians would ever question it:

Real ministry is defined by the time you spend in the official efforts of the church to evangelize the lost and edify the saved. This is the work that God is interested in, that He considers most important, special, and significant.

By accepting this false belief, our fruitfulness is hindered by shrinking and distorting our views of what we and our businesses can be. As a result, millions of Christians, like myself, lead lives that are far less productive than God wants. And hundreds of thousands of businesses are hampered in achieving their full potential. And that means that the Church’s influence and impact is light years away from that which it could be.

Here are some ways this belief is expressed in Christian culture:

A client recently told me that one of his salespeople left the company to go into full-time ministry. The implication was that the former employee merely ‘made a living’ when they worked for my client; now they did ‘real’ ministry – that work that is only in the context of the church.

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Consequences of the Business as Money-Giver Mentality

By Dave Kahle

“Our business should just make money so that we can give it away” – that’s the message our contemporary evangelical culture teaches us. Those who look for a higher purpose in their business may find this message easy to accept but is this message actually short-sighted and missing the mark on all God has for Christian owned businesses?

There are books written advocating that the sole purpose of a business is to make money to fund religion. What if God has a much larger and full purpose for business? It is easy to conclude from the Biblical theme of giving that the sole purpose of our businesses is to give. And besides, it feels good and gives great CSR standing in the community! With so much support for the idea, it’s no wonder that most Christian business people believe it.

But is our perspective skewed?

Could it be that this giving paradigm, that feels good and seems reasonable, is actually hindering our growth and thwarting the growth of the Kingdom?

If we could unleash the potential of Christian owned and influenced businesses to see themselves as powerful entities in the Kingdom with multiple bottom lines (Social, Spiritual, Economic, and Environmental) as opposed to merely a Kingdom check-book, we could turn the world upside down. Here are some consequences of the short-sighted view of the Business as money-giver paradigm.

Consequences of the business as money giver paradigm

Consequence #1:  It elevates money to the highest priority in business.

By stating that the purpose of a business is to make money so that you can give it away, money is elevated to the highest priority in business. Now, all of the other purposes of a business — to provide community, to develop future leaders, to bless communities, to demonstrate the fullness of Christ, etc. (find the full list in The Good Book on Business) — slide down the scale and become subservient to the quest to make money. While a business should make money, that is not its highest calling. A business only achieves its potential when it steps out of the money-is-everything mentality.

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